"I carry stress and tension in my upper back and shoulders.  I was awestruck when I could feel the tension release and literally melt away during my first Bowen session.  This is by far the most effective and relaing thing I have ever experienced!  

Thank you Amy!"



"Bowen sessions melt away my stress giving me amazing, restful sleep & renewed energy.  I've had a frozen shoulder, wrist surgeries, an injured knee and injured tailbone.  Bowen treatments gave me pain relief and increased mobility in each of these circumstances.  Without Bowen my recovery would've been much longer. My experience is that Bowenwork is subtle, with small movements, yet it elicits profound healing on all levels"



"I have so much relief in my ear that I haven't had in years"



"Bowen is Magic"



"I just want you to know how amazing I feel.  I felt it the next day!"