Postural Assessments

Where is your body imbalance?

When your body hurts, the first thing I look at is your posture.  We can be pain free when we are out of neutral alignment for a long time.  However, as we age this imbalance often leads to chronic discomfort, spinal disk problems, "pinched" nerves, and even predisposes us to injuries.  Improving you posture is key to resolving these issues.  With a postural assessment we can see what is out of alignment and make a plan for re-balancing using a combination of body therapies, stretching, and strengthening.   By taking pictures at points along the way we can even track your improvements!

If your goal is to experience long term relief of pain and discomfort, I highly recommend this assessment!


What is Bowenwork?

Bowenwork originated in Australia and, although new to the US, it is used successfully around the world for pain relief and wellness.  Using gentle touch over specific muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves, Bowen deeply settles the nervous system and decreases the stress response.  It also stimulates the body to release patterns of muscle tension so that the body can relax and repair itself.  Bowen is a whole body approach, meaning that the therapist looks at a person's body as a system where imbalances in one area can create pain and problems somewhere else.  By working to re-align the system, the discomfort of chronic pain, acute injuries, and other health conditions is relieved.    

What to Expect in a Session

During a session, clients lie on a massage table, or are seated in a chair, while the practitioner applies a sequence of gentle rolling moves over specific muscles, nerves, tendons, and/or ligaments.  After a few moves, the practitioner will leave the room for a few minutes, allowing the body to respond before moving on with the session.  It is during these "waits" that the body unwinds and healing occurs!   Bowen moves can be done directly on the skin or through lightweight clothing, and sessions last anywhere from 30min to 1.5 hrs.

Most clients report feeling better  immediately after a session, however it is not uncommon for relief to come even a few days later as the body continues to respond to the work.  Many presenting complaints resolve in just a few weekly sessions,  however it may take longer when addressing more chronic conditions.    

Who can Benefit?

Anyone can benefit from Bowenwork, even babies & kids!  Here are just some of the conditions Bowen addresses:

Back, Neck, & Joint Pain


Traumatic Injuries

Headaches & Migraines  

Frozen Shoulder  


Carpal Tunnel   ADHD  


Digestive Problems & Colic

Fatigue & insomnia & Stress 


Come with a Friend!

Wondering what to do with a friend?  Bowen is a great addition to your time together!  Because "waits" are such an integral part of a Bowen session, I can easily see you and a friend at the same time.  Plus, I offer discounts to people who book sessions together. See my pricing page for more info.

Self-Care Instruction


Regular stretching at home is a key part of regaining body balance and comfortable movements!  Based on a postural assessment, I will recommend specific stretches for you, and teach you to do them safely with proper alignment.  My goal is not for you to be able to do "pretzel" yoga postures, but to have relaxed muscles that maintain proper posture for your body so that you can move more easily.  Balanced muscles are also essential for preventing injuries.  With these stretches you can continue moving forward on your body goals in between sessions!


Another component of improving body alignment involves strengthening muscle groups that have weakened as a result of poor posture.  Once tight muscle groups have been loosened a bit, I will teach you basic strengthening exercises that you can do at home to help you achieve your postural goals.


Solid nutrition and hydration are essential parts of feeling good.  As a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, I teach people about balanced nutrition, reading food labels, food tracking approaches, even how to navigate the many choices in the grocery store!  Together we set goals for healthy weight and eating and touch base on a determined schedule to help you stay on track.  


Types of Massage offered

For some, therapeutic massage is very helpful for releasing tight muscles that are creating problematic posture.  Aligned Body Therapies offers the deep tissue approaches of Neuromuscluar Therapy and Myofascial Massage.  Hot Stone massage and relaxing Swedish sessions are also available.